Sound Design for London Volcano

Sound Design for London Volcano

Recently, I was commissioned to devise the sound component of the London Volcano exhibition. This involved constructing the sound design for two different exhibition sequences, and also the sound set-up for the exhibition. I chose a quadrophonic set-up with a large subwoofer. This audio set-up was housed inside the large model volcano with the four speakers evenly spaced around the model.

The London Volcano was exhibited at the Natural History Museum in London as part of Universities Week UK and ran from June 9-13, 2014. The London Volcano project was developed by leading volcanologists from a number of groups; The University of East Anglia, The University of Oxford, and STREVA. During the week, I was on site operating the sound, exhibiting hourly Monday to Friday with some extra special evening shows. We encountered some rain on the first evening, but luckily the weather was superb after this night.

I designed two soundscapes to specific briefs from the volcanologists, which were exhibited throughout the week. I also built a custom Volcano FX sampler application which I used to trigger one-hit samples of rumbling, thunder and blasts. The combination of a fixed sound file with the added flexibility of the one-hits from the sampler worked surprisingly well. I worked with EventFX, who devised and operated the visual effects.

You can check out my Volcano sound designs here:
London Volcano – Eruption Sequences

For more information, check out the London Volcano website!