September, 2014

Selection of work for the SMC/ICMC 2014

My ICMC 2014 sound check My piece seven was selected to be included in the joint Sound Music Computing and International Computer Music Conference for 2014 which was held in Athens, Greece. It is a fixed stereo piece which explores microsound and the stutter edit concept which I diffused live over a 16 channel system in the Main Hall of the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens. I thoroughly enjoyed the intense conference which ran from 9am – 1am every day for 5 days with a programme of scientific papers, posters, keynote speakers, round table discussions, workshops and concerts. I learnt so much that I am still processing all of the information. A highlight for me was taking part in the digital stompbox design workshop, which I came away from with a fully functioning  digital stompbox built using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.

Here is some detailed information about my piece:


This fixed stereo piece explores the concept of Stutter Edit, a form of Granular synthesis, which involves the repetition of small fragments of audio. There were three main objectives when conceiving this work.

  1. To consider several time scale layers and their interaction between each other, namely the Micro, Sound Object and Meso layers.
  2. To engineer all sound materials from a small audio palette: This was comprised of four sound files adding up to just seven seconds of audio taken from original field recordings.
  3. To juxtapose and explore the rhythmic and arrhythmic realms of glitch music.

I created a MaxMSP patch which facilitated the generation of stutter edited material. The patch was designed to handle sequential repetitions of selected buffer portions and all the sound material was generated from this patch. Automated processes were added, which in turn altered variables of the stutter edit parameters over time to achieve a wider variety of sonic outcomes from the original material. The recordings from this patch provided the most basic building blocks for this work, with Micro time scale objects subsequently arranged and rearranged to form larger time scale objects.


Premiere Performance of Choral Commission

Today on the 21st September, my piece ‘Pirate Robert’ was premiered by the boys of Christ Church Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia as part of the school’s week of the arts. I was commissioned to create a work which was light-hearted, fun and complemented the boys’ existing repertoire. I created a piece for SA choir with piano and percussion, commissioning Holly Leonard, a lyricist with whom I regularly work with to create the words. I have yet to hear it, but I look forward to getting a copy of the audio and in turn posting the performance.