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Premiere of new choral commission

This evening, Keswick Hall Choir will be performing 3 new SSAATTBB unaccompanied works set to the words of Shakespeare. I was commissioned to write these specifically for this concert, in the year marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. It should be a fantastic concert in a lovely setting, tickets and information can be found here.

Suite of Electronic Compositions for The West Australian Ballet

The 2015 West Australian Ballet at the Quarry – ‘Zip Zap Zoom‘ has begun. I have composed three electronic segments for the opening work, ‘Hold the Fourth‘, which is choreographed by Daniel Roberts. The whole works spans about 25mins in duration and explores works by Max Richter and Hans Zimmer, with my segments weaving the other works together.

I’ll post up some of my work once the season has concluded. Stay tuned.

Ballet at the Quarry is part of the Perth International Arts Festival. You can find information and book tickets here.






Selection of work for the SMC/ICMC 2014

My ICMC 2014 sound check My piece seven was selected to be included in the joint Sound Music Computing and International Computer Music Conference for 2014 which was held in Athens, Greece. It is a fixed stereo piece which explores microsound and the stutter edit concept which I diffused live over a 16 channel system in the Main Hall of the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens. I thoroughly enjoyed the intense conference which ran from 9am – 1am every day for 5 days with a programme of scientific papers, posters, keynote speakers, round table discussions, workshops and concerts. I learnt so much that I am still processing all of the information. A highlight for me was taking part in the digital stompbox design workshop, which I came away from with a fully functioning  digital stompbox built using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.

Here is some detailed information about my piece:


This fixed stereo piece explores the concept of Stutter Edit, a form of Granular synthesis, which involves the repetition of small fragments of audio. There were three main objectives when conceiving this work.

  1. To consider several time scale layers and their interaction between each other, namely the Micro, Sound Object and Meso layers.
  2. To engineer all sound materials from a small audio palette: This was comprised of four sound files adding up to just seven seconds of audio taken from original field recordings.
  3. To juxtapose and explore the rhythmic and arrhythmic realms of glitch music.

I created a MaxMSP patch which facilitated the generation of stutter edited material. The patch was designed to handle sequential repetitions of selected buffer portions and all the sound material was generated from this patch. Automated processes were added, which in turn altered variables of the stutter edit parameters over time to achieve a wider variety of sonic outcomes from the original material. The recordings from this patch provided the most basic building blocks for this work, with Micro time scale objects subsequently arranged and rearranged to form larger time scale objects.


Premiere Performance of Choral Commission

Today on the 21st September, my piece ‘Pirate Robert’ was premiered by the boys of Christ Church Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia as part of the school’s week of the arts. I was commissioned to create a work which was light-hearted, fun and complemented the boys’ existing repertoire. I created a piece for SA choir with piano and percussion, commissioning Holly Leonard, a lyricist with whom I regularly work with to create the words. I have yet to hear it, but I look forward to getting a copy of the audio and in turn posting the performance.

Sound Design for London Volcano

Recently, I was commissioned to devise the sound component of the London Volcano exhibition. This involved constructing the sound design for two different exhibition sequences, and also the sound set-up for the exhibition. I chose a quadrophonic set-up with a large subwoofer. This audio set-up was housed inside the large model volcano with the four speakers evenly spaced around the model.

The London Volcano was exhibited at the Natural History Museum in London as part of Universities Week UK and ran from June 9-13, 2014. The London Volcano project was developed by leading volcanologists from a number of groups; The University of East Anglia, The University of Oxford, and STREVA. During the week, I was on site operating the sound, exhibiting hourly Monday to Friday with some extra special evening shows. We encountered some rain on the first evening, but luckily the weather was superb after this night.

I designed two soundscapes to specific briefs from the volcanologists, which were exhibited throughout the week. I also built a custom Volcano FX sampler application which I used to trigger one-hit samples of rumbling, thunder and blasts. The combination of a fixed sound file with the added flexibility of the one-hits from the sampler worked surprisingly well. I worked with EventFX, who devised and operated the visual effects.

You can check out my Volcano sound designs here:
London Volcano – Eruption Sequences

For more information, check out the London Volcano website!

UK premiere of my piece ‘The Ear’

This piece of mine for Bass Clarinet and tape is being performed by virtuoso clarinettist Mary Barrett in the CoMA Bristol Clarinet in Close-up Concert. CoMA Bristol is a group of adventurous instrumentalists who play and promote contemporary music.

The world premiere of this piece was performed by Phil Everall at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) on the 18th March 2014. I am excited to hear this piece again and hope to make it to the concert in Bristol on Wednesday June 4th at 8pm. Details of the concert can be found here:

New electronic track

I have been experimenting with the Maschine software and hardware and gave myself the challenge to create a piece using Maschine exclusively. Check out the result below:

Entering patterns

Film Music Promo

Recently, I have been looking for work composing and arranging music for film and television. I have begun to generate a folio of works to demonstrate my abilities. Here is the first one:

Film Music #1


I am very excited to be working on a collaborative piece with New York tap dancer Alexander McDonald. With my background in dance and interest in percussion, this collaboration should be very exciting. When Alex was in Ireland, we workshopped some ideas which I captured with a video camera and my H4n recorder. We will continue to work on it from our respective locations, but I hope to meet up if ever we are geographically close! I have already learned so much from this experience, I cannot wait to see the end result.


I have written a new electronic microsound composition. This piece was composed using only seven seconds of audio material from field recordings I took earlier this year. I created a stutter edit patch to help generate variety from such a small amount of primary material and worked at many different levels of time scale, building from tiny grains of sound right up to motifs and phrases. It was a long process, but the results are definitely different to other pieces I have composed!